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Is vacation more of a hassle than it’s worth? Do you find yourself or a loved one more stressed about finding appropriate accommodations, rather than being excited about traveling? There are so many reasons to travel, and rest from the stresses of everyday life. But what happens when your travel companion, or yourself has a disability?
Dan’s dad suffered a spinal cord injury in 2005, leaving him a paraplegic. Over the years Dan and his mother tried to go on holiday with Dad, also trying to take him to places requiring an overnight stay. Dan recalls, “For these trips and overnight stays we always struggle to find an appropriate hotel that meets his needs, with many suggesting they do but in reality have missed the mark. This caused a number of issues for the family and a lot of frustration for dad.
Dan says, “It was this frustration that made me want to make a difference, not just for dad, but for all those who go through the same struggles. Searching all the relevant websites, I could not find anything that did what we needed, so I have decided to make this myself… TripAble was born.”
TripAble is a simple review system, allowing everyone to rate a hotel’s accessibility across six main categories:Hotel Access, Room Usability, Toilet Facilities, Washing Facilities, Hotel Facilities and Fire ExitEach area can be rated from one to five, an increasing scale of accessible adaptions available, starting with one being “no additional considerations for disabled persons”. Each rating has a brief description to allow you to understand the accessible needs needing to be met, and we always welcome feedback on these to improve the website.

Make a difference by visiting whenever you are traveling in order to help others with disabilities better navigate their vacations. Everyone should have the luxury of traveling without limits.

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