The night I died three times

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I was coming home from Colonial Heights going North on Rt. 144 to Chester when I came upon a 1991 Ford Ranger that was going off of the road. The truck over corrected and came across the road and hit my pick up truck head on!

It took the emergency crew over 45 minutes to cut me out of the truck. The guy’s truck had hit me so hard that the dashboard pushed my feet through the floorboard, which pinned me in. If I had my seat belt on the steering wheel would have crushed my chest. I was cut out of the car and during this process, I died. My heart stopped a total of three separate times between the truck and the hospital in MED flight.Attachment 5

My injuries included a broken leg in two places, broken jaw, broken arm, 2 ruptured lungs, and a grade 3 brain trauma. The doctors said I was in the deepest “survivable” coma so they ushered my family into my room with a Chaplin. I was not expected to make it through the night, or wake at all.

Due to a lot of hope, faith, and prayers I woke up a week later in the Medical College of Virginia Neurological ICU and recovered to the best of my ability.

The driver of the Ford Ranger later admitted to an officer of drinking 12-14 beers that day while fishing on the river. The man was given a reckless driving ticket, that was later reduced to improper driving. Because of his decision to drink and drive, I was cut out of my car by the jaws of life.

On that July 5th, I died and ever since that day I have woken as someone else. I am unable to work, and have no short term memory. Everyday that I wake up it is a totally different day, but all still a blessing.

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