Poetry By Elia Wilson

“Take it Home” (Extended)
Lord, I’m tired crying,
Lord, I’m tired of remembering,
Take all my memories may they not be in vain,
I’m tired of loving alone and waiting by the phone,
Lord, take my pain, take it home,
My attempts have gone on deaf ears,
All I have now are pictures to commemorate the good years,
Now, they feel like broken glass on the ground that still cut like a knife when they aren’t around,
Lord, take my renowned faith and use it to loosen the pain that bares upon my heart strings,
Let it all take flight upon my angel’s wings.
Wash away the madness and confusion in this chaotic world that gets darker by the day,
You can no longer tell the difference in the seasons,
People are killing one another without any real reasons,
Lord, wash it all away with mercy and grace,
May we all get the chance to catch a glimpse of face as we await our fate by those pearly gates,
May our light shine through as we continue to love and worship you,
Take it all, take it all home, let us be one as we come to kneel before your throne.
By Elia Wilson, Author
©2014 Elia Wilson “all rights reserved”

“Break the Chains”
Jesus, hear my cry,
I’m getting tired of lying here watching the world pass me by,
Jesus break these chains that have me bound,
I’m tired of the pain this world has been inflecting on me,
Ignite your light help me put on an end to the fight set me free,
The world has knocked me down and crushed my faith,
Jesus, break these chains before it’s too late,
Jesus save me and change my faith,
You are the only one who can turn it around,
You’re the only one who can lift me up off the ground,
Send your angels, surround them around me; don’t let my life end in vain,
Let them give strength enough break through the chains.
By Elia Wilson, Author
©2014 Elia Wilson “all rights reserved”

“God Speaks”
This world is constantly being contaminated with hate,
Tears constantly flow because of things we say and refuse to know,
God speaks but the world refuses to hear his voice who constantly tries to guide us toward a better choice,
We turn our backs toward him only to end up knocked down,
We then turn to our so called friends only to realize that they aren’t around,
The devil just sits back and laughs as he watches us cry on the ground,
We then ask ourselves what now?
A still small voice then comes through and asks, “Where have you been? I’ve been waiting on you to come and give your life to me,
Those cold words can no longer have a bearing on the hearts that turn to him,
When God speaks, he speaks peace into the act of hate,
When God speaks, he turns tears of sadness into joy,
He instills strength in us that the devil himself can’t destroy,
The devil may think he cut us down but, all we need to have faith in him to turn things around.
By: Elia Wilson, Author
©2014 Elia Wilson “all rights reserved”

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I'm a 27 year old country girl who has Cerebral Palsy. I live in a small community in Plaquemine Louisiana. Writing is my passion in life, it helps me surpass great obstacles in my life. I love to touch others through my writings. We all have a story in life and we each deserve to be heard and have it told. We also need to have someone who we can relate to which I hope I'm doing and will continue to do with my writings.