Poems & Artwork by James O Slattery

The Guardians

When all alone
They are there
When we are challenged
They are there
When we dance they sing
Spiritual light they bring into 
the coldest, darkest night 
Freeing us from within
They guide us into life and out again 
The guardians


The Guardians
Pen & ink 2013


Glass Bowl


Timeless memories
Being a child at play
Remembering a first drawing
A hug of love
Tender touch

First lovers kiss
First child’s cry
First word spoken
First steps taken
An unwritten lullaby

Warm colors
Love of words written
Cool morning dew
Fresh blanket of snow
April flowers

Time of life passing
Smile within
Full life harmony
Contentment of soul
Universal child
One generation 
Called the living
Child within

Stars to travel
In a sleepers dream
The beginning and the end meet
In our final breath
Memories of eternity 
Becoming one again


Obama Car
Hand built stoneware


Just Before the Storm 2004
Hand made paper, acrylic collage on canvas


Sometimes is
A Drag……………Queen!!!
Priscilla Queen Of The Desert
A tribute to Drag Queens who have the courage to be who they are!!!


New Horizons 2004
hand made paper& acrylic

Battle Within

Sufferance to joy! Struggling yet free
Expressions of hope & despair,Conflicting images
Lost, tears flood my eyes, Not my cheeks, refusal to feel another abyss
Pull,tug,push it all away,Not this instant, Not this hour.
This day I win, by my own command, with the aid of a universal god, 
The battle within now simmers, by sleep I will be again be free, 
Tomorrow yet another day.
Another poem,another painting,waiting to be done, & joy to be had.


A Leap Outside My Comfort Zone
I know the artist
I know the artist I hope to be
I order to do that I need to be willing to step out of my comfort zone
Tonight’s challenge one hour multimedia
This is the results
& at my age———– I don’t have the time to waste


A study of Melted Crayon on Watercolor paper

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James O Slattery
About James O Slattery 1 Article
My name is James O. Slattery I'm 62 with the mind of 29. I'm a survivor of a turbulent life. I was born a premature baby of an addicted mother in 1952. That is relivant, because the physical things I live with now I believe to be latent birth defects. With this I also believe that I'm a modern day medical miracle, I no longer have a large intestine, I've had GI issues all of my life am a classic case of ulcerative colitis. With an onset at 24 then diagnosed as pre cancer for this disease. After several events, some lasting a year now with the intestine gone, for the rest of my life I will live with a bag. After three years two extensive surgeries countless ambulances, emergency rooms, hospital, and three extended nursing home stays. In the end I was diagnosed by a world class hospital as a worst case scenario. In the end I beat the disease. I still have nurse’s aids that come in daily and a nurse twice a week. I tire easily yet I've gone from wheelchair, to pushing it, then a walker & cane, 
now I just use the cane to get out of cars. Now I have a "trike" bike. I've been fortunate to have the best possible physical therapy. All my muscles had atrophied into mush, so I had to learn how to walk again. I'm light years ahead of where I was last year at this time, and eternally grateful to all the people who helped I get to this point. The road ahead is much brighter then the behind. The disease cannot come back, I no longer have the body parts, and it’s really that simple. My major issue in living with this is the unexpected accidents that seem never ending. Adhesive & skin weren't meant to go together; they've happened in public, in bed wile asleep, when I bend over or when I stand up. It's all unpredictable. The accidents are an issue I won't give any power to, it's just the reality I live with. I haven't yet figured out how to travel or be a house guest, in due time I will figure that out.