Hi, I’m Orlando. I’m an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) survivor from beautiful British Columbia Canada. After 16 years of fighting with my invisible disability, I finally transformed myself into a new artist in 2012. I never knew I could paint! In April 2012, I suddenly started watercolour painting during a 16-week Neurofeedback brain treatment. Since then, Art has been very healing for me and for my spiritual growth. My life has changed completely to a whole new positive direction. The journey I had wasn’t easy but it taught me that strength is not about muscle or a “perfect” brain. Strength and inner peace really came from within. In the end, some of the greatest pain became the greatest strength. Have faith in your dreams and go for it, the rest will follow and unfold itself as you go on.

I believe I’m an Indigo/Starseed who came to Earth to inspire & enlighten other souls through the expression in my art and the history of my life journey. My message to all people in this World is “Follow your dream! Nothing is impossible! Miracles happen to those who believe. If a brain injury survivor can reach his dreams, you normal people can easily do it too”. Once you truly believe in something passionately, miracles shall follow. Faith is the key to a universe full of blessings. Think happy & healthy, and you will create a happy & healthy reality. Inspirations for my artworks come from the natural beauty of planet Earth, nature of all seasons, and every life form from Creation, microorganism, the magnificent cosmos, and our spectacular Universe.
Through channelling & meditations, I learned a lot about Life, Reality, and Spirituality. It deepens the connection I have with the greater Universe. I am channelling every time I paint my art. Each piece of my art is unique, multi-layer, and multi-dimensional. I enjoy using vibrant colours (rainbow, gemstones, charkas tones) and colours that can be useful for colour therapy. I believe colours are frequency, and this energy vibrates harmoniously with the natural vibrations of our true core self. It has healing power. So it has influence to our conscious and subconscious mind. And I love using watercolour. I believe water has memories and it can be used as a communication tool to transfer frequencies, vibrations, memories & information. I always blessed my water with love before I blend them with my watercolours for my paintings. I believe this positive intention will enhance the art to express itself better, and therefore could allow the art viewer the maximum benefits in getting spiritual inspiration, awakening ideas and motivation to change for better.


If you see “Art” as “Spirituality”, then you shall see colour therapy, aura & charkas energy balancing, symbolism, rebirth, healing, passion & love in my artworks. Personally, I do see “Art” as “Spirituality”. Art is the expression of my daily life. It is a safe place for me to express my deep feelings & inner thoughts. It reminds me of the connection between mind, body, & spirit/soul, and it reminds me of my connection & relationship with the whole Universe, in all realms, all dimensions, all life times, and all parallel universes. All my artworks are uniquely painted with love and light from my heart and soul. This loving energy is available to you at all times reflected by the colors of my artwork. Feel free to check out other paintings at my art page anytime.

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Up close and personal: Heart to heart, soul to soul with Orlando

Dear abled and disabled readers, I hope by sharing this part of my own true healing story with you, I can inspire someone else to have the same life changing experience like I had. PLEASE SHARE my message to anyone who can benefit from this wonderful technology. It really can help people to get out from their sufferings and to heal their wounds on all planes. This is NOT a joke, this is super REAL!


Back in March 2012, I started a 16-week neuro-feedback brain treatment with the intention to repair some damages & brain injuries I had done to myself previously when I was younger. For me, the result is unbelievably PHENOMENAL!! Not only it released my traumas and greatly reduced my stress & anxiety level, my 9-year long depression simply totally vanished without my conscious effort. NO MORE drowsy daily medications needed! I feel liberated. Somehow my sleep quality also dramatically improved. And the BEST part is, it suddenly kick-started me to start drawing watercolour paintings out of the blue! I never paint in my life, believing that I just couldn’t. But now, I am living my passion as an artist full-time in my daily life! It completely changed the quality of my life to the better for good! Neuro-feedback technology is so magically amazing, effective and helpful nowadays. There is no pain, no drugs, no pills, no injections, no hair shaving and no radiations What-So-Ever! It is absolutely non-intrusive, relaxing I found (with those unique “music”) and really is very user friendly for everybody at any age with any cultural background in any physical & mental conditions. All you need to have is simply a positive intention and an open mind. Then YOU will see the magic unfolding on YOU too!


In fact, you don’t need to be “sick” or unwell in order to benefit from neuro-feedback treatment. Healthy people do it all the time too! Olympic athletes and sports pros use neuro-feedback technology as a major part of their training to boost their performance in their games. Same apply to managers, business owners, coaches, and those who are in the creative field like actors, musicians, writers, artists and dancers etc. I personally still continue to use it once every 2-3 weeks to balance my brain & emotions, to sharpen my focus & decision making skill, to enhance my creativity for my art and to enhance my intuition for my spiritual growth. The positive
possibilities are truly endless! It’s really like having a wellness soul massage in a deluxe high tech “Brain Spa”, my energy always get recharged every time and I feel refreshed.


I HIGHLY RECOMMENDED neuro-feedback technology to anyone who choose to improve their well-beings, who desire to excel their potentials to the fullest, and to those who allow themselves to heal their health & lives. There must be few local providers in your city. Please do your own research. Believe me, it’s really “Magical”, beyond words can say!!


May ALL be well in your world.
Love from Rainbow Artist Orlando L.


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