New Service Checks up on Loved Ones

A new service is now available designed to provide a daily check on the well-being of loved ones in special situations and provide updates to the (remote) caregiver or relative. The service is offered by and will contact your loved one by phone daily, then send you via email or text acurrent update. The caller will also chat with the loved one informally providing social interaction  in addition to asking about things such as meds and special needs. The list of questions to be asked during the call will be customized for each client. A partial suggested list can be seen on the website.

Subscribers pay a monthly fee ($50) for the basic service which includes the daily check-in phone call and email report. The service can be customized for additional cost. It is designed specifically to help in the day-today care of:

  • Aging parents
  • college students
  • after school kids
  • special needs children
  • people recuperating from illness, surgery
  • friends living alone
  • stroke or heart attack victims
  • people with long term illness
  • disabled loved ones or shut ins
  • people in long term care

This is not a medical service in that it does not monitor prescription adherence or things such as blood
pressure or blood sugar measurement, although we will inquire and report that information when available.

We also call for emergency help if we discover it is needed.
There are complete details on the website

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