Locked-in syndrome; my stroke aftermath

My mom did not take English in school. She only knew a few basic words, and that was it. After the stroke, she had to learn the hard way. Friends that made calls all over the world to ask about me. They would speak English of course, and she had to; not just understand but also answer in English.

It was the worst time of her life, and there she was; a speed course of tourist English by phone. Another test that she passed with excellence, to show what an amazing person this woman is.

Mom was relieved when I got the computer and I was able to communicate with everyone myself. I guess that it also did her well seeing me doing something instead of just staring in front of myself all the time.

I would spend all day at the desk. Sometimes up to twelve hours in a day. I have always been a workaholic and so to see the stroke, not even Locked-in syndrome could not change that.

Besides corresponding and writing, I also started being approached by acquaintance and strangers who would recommend alternative medicine and treatments. There are many things out there, from the absurd to the incredible, some that in one way or the other made sense, and others that just sounded ridiculous.

I thought to myself; “If there is a way out there to regain my health again, I should try it.” Therefore, this became my new endeavor, to find an alternative way to recuperate what had I lost.


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Kati van der Hoeven (Lepistö)
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