Johnny Can-Do: A Disabled Boys Courage

“Johnny Can-Do” is a story about a little boy with Cerebral Palsy that looks for confidence after being teased by bullies at school. This story is about friendship, compassion, and the strength to keep going. This is a great way to teach children the lesson of bravery, acceptance, and courage.

Sean Byerley wrote “Johnny Can-Do”  because he wanted to educate people without disabilities. He wanted them to know that people who have handicaps can be very much like everyone else. So with that, he wanted to give confidence to those children who are have issues with their self esteem and confidence. He wants them to know that they could do whatever they want to do with their life

Sean Byerley has a mild case of cerebral palsy  which basically affects his legs. But that doesn’t hold him back. He has a great outlook on life and his message to others is lived out in his own self esteem.

“I’m very smart, physically active, and very physically and mentally capable, yet sometimes people don’t believe some of those things unless I prove it to them.”  -Sean Byerley

Sean Byerley has provided a great book for children, and adults to read in order to gain insight into what it may be like as a child coping with Cerebral Palsy.

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