Benjamin Jackson: Cerebral Palsy Meets It’s Match

He was born Benjamin Cummings-Jackson. Ben was born with Cerebral Palsy.  Ben’s parents were told he may never walk, or be able to take care of himself.

Cerebral Palsy affects Ben’s everyday life, as in the way he walks, talks, and writes. Ben gets cold easily, and has muscle spasms throughout the entire day which makes it difficult for him to stand for an extended period of time.

Growing up, Ben’s parents encouraged him to live an active lifestyle. Football, street hockey, baseball, basketball, and riding his bike occupied many days of his childhood.

“Participating in all of the sports was very difficult, but I always gave them my best shot, and I never stopped trying.”

It was in eighth grade when Ben started wrestling.

“I knew little to nothing about wrestling. Wrestling is a very physical sport. Some even refer to the sport as six minutes of hell.”

For the next five years, Ben learned the finest detail of the sport wrestling, and spent hours outside of school conditioning, and lifting weights.

During the first year of competing as a wrestler, Ben lost over twenty matches.

“I was faced with a decision, do I quit or do I spend my entire summer training to ensure that I win a match the following season?”

Ben Jackson trained the entire summer. Training consisted of flipping tires, running up and down hills, and spending more time in the wrestling room studying the art of wrestiling.

“I wanted to be successful.”

The next season Ben won his first match by pin. The wins continued over the course of the next four years. Coaches and team mates pushed Ben which promoted his status as a leader by his example and drive.

“I never had the most wins or pins. I knew that the team would follow my work ethic, so I became a leader. Some leaders are loud, and some leaders lead by example. I am the second guy.”

The years Ben spent wrestling boosted his self-confidence, and physical presence. During his senior year of High School Ben was awarded with the “Ben Jackson Courage Award” which is awarded to a wrestler throughout the school year.

Upon receiving his High School diploma in 2011, Ben knew he wanted to continue his education at the Northampton Community College. As a communications major, Ben has a goal to become a motivational speaker. (Consider it done.)

In 2013, Ben Jackson reached out to Gatorade through Facebook. In his message to Gatorade, he told them who he was and sent them a few articles that had been done on him. A message on Facebook resulted in shooting the #Winfromwithin campaign. Within three days of the video release, Ben’s video had 500,000 hits, and got up to 1 million hits on You Tube.

“When I sat in front of the camera, I knew that this was my opportunity to inspire millions of lives around the world, and especially people out in there that may feel different, or not good enough. I wanted them to see me and know that anything is possible.”

Ben is currently in college, working toward his Communications degree. Ben is also training for the 2016 and 2020 Paralympics Games, competing in the Bench Press. At the weight of 130 lbs. Ben is able to bench 250 pounds. Cerebral Palsy is weightless to Ben Jackson. The power of the heart, and mind outweigh adversity. Ben Jackson was born with Cerebral Palsy, along with determination, wisdom, and resilience.

Cerebral Palsy has never looked this good.



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