Attitude is Key

Optimism is the key to open yourself up to all the better things in life. Positivism is the key to making all your dreams come true. Always be naively optimistic and always have contagiously positive attitude.

A good attitude will make life so much easier. You cannot live a great life if you doubt and think negative. When you think and act positive things, start to happen. Positivity attracts success and all the other better things in life.

Life has a few simple rules. One of them is; ‘what you give is what you get’.

As a model, it is all about attitude. True, but this does not only count for models. In anything, one wants to do they have to have the right attitude. The right attitude is a positive attitude.

If you say that you are going to walk on water, you should believe and have an attitude to go with it. You cannot take that first step thinking; ‘I am going to sink’. That first step should already be followed by the next step. Positive and secure.

Overthinking, worrying and stressing cause the most unhappiness in this life. Do not let silly little things ruin your day nor your life. Did not you notice how many things you worried through your life and most of them did not even came true?

Self-confidence and self-esteem are not fruits that can be picked out of a tree. It is hard, almost impossible to have a positive attitude when you do not have them. As parents, we should cultivate these traits into the younger generation.

It is not easy as a teenager to find his/her place in the world. They are only beginning to understand the world, life and themselves. At that same moment, they have found their place in it all have to manage to fit in.

At moments like this, they need reinsurance that comes from positive attitude so they can build their self-esteem. What they do not need is a negative attitude that ruins self-confidence and promotes hate.

A positive attitude will not only bring success to our lives but also to others. Just imagine a world of self-confident humans. No need to kill or to commit suicide. Imagine the world with humans with high self-esteem and positive attitude. No need for bullies nor terrorists!

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Kati van der Hoeven (Lepistö)
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